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<p>Have you ever been put in a room with a strange device in the middle while given the instruction "Please, Don't Touch Anything"?</p><p>That's the pitch of the game here and it's of course a rule you'll have to break in order to explore the game's secrets. And it's a really weird game at that, not a linear adventure game but rather a cryptic box that you have to open multiple times in order to figure its contents.</p><p>It's also a game that you need to discover by yourself as a lot of the experience is built upon your lack of knowledge of everything around you.</p><p>The game's on sale now on iOS for a limited time. You'll be able to get it for £1.49. This discount is not yet visible on Google's Play Store.</p><p>If you're still unconvinced though, you can read the words of our own Alysia Judge who gave the game 8/10.</p>.

GAME NAME Pure Chess

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com.sigmateam.Pure Chess.free

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