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In this category, you can find the list of Mod apk Games developed for Android Educational Games.

佩奇的午夜后宫二次元魔改版(mod)(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.92

佩奇的午夜后宫二次元魔改版(mod)(MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.4

Some beauty peeped through lattice of seared age.....
佩奇的午夜后宫二次元魔改版(mod)(MOD (Unlocked All Chapters) v4.3.3

佩奇的午夜后宫二次元魔改版(mod)(APK v1.0

A TROUBLESOME CROW seated herself on the back of a Sheep. The Sheep, much against his will, carried her backward and forward for a long time, and at last said, "If you had treated a dog in this way, you would have had your deserts from his sharp teeth." To this the Crow replied, "I despise the weak and yield to the strong. I know whom I may bully and whom I must flatter; and I thus prolong my life to a good old age."....
佩奇的午夜后宫二次元魔改版(mod)(MOD (Unlimited Money) v6.5.1b

佩奇的午夜后宫二次元魔改版(mod)(MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.6.13

<p>LifeAfter Season 3 is set to start this November and will introduce a bunch of improvements and new content to the game including upgraded zombies and land, sea and air combat. Today we've got some exclusive gameplay footage that showcases some of these features for your viewing pleasure.</p><p>Aside from the above, the game is also set to become a seamless open-world with all of the previously existing maps being merged into one. Now players can move freely between snowy mountains to the city and beyond into the desert. You can check out the exclusive footage in the embedded video below.</p>...
佩奇的午夜后宫二次元魔改版(mod)(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.78.0

佩奇的午夜后宫二次元魔改版(mod)(MOD (Free Shopping, No Skill CD) v1.125.6

Updated 27th July 8:50 AM: Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 7 is now live for your mobile-playing pleasure.<p>If you haven't bought the game already, grab it here on Google Play for £2.29 per episode, and iTunes for a similar price now.</p><p>As one of the longest Telltale Games titles, Minecraft: Story Mode newest instalment - Episode 7: Access Denied, is coming to compatible iOS and Android devices this month on July 26th.</p><p>There are very few people who don't know who Telltale are. Utter titles such as The Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands and people start nodding profusely. Their game Minecraft: Story Mode had to be one of the most unexpected however as it started releasing last October.</p><p>The story revolves around a character called Jesse (who can be either female or male - very nice, Telltale) as he/she and her friends gather together and attempt to save the world from the Wither Storm. In keeping with Minecraft's family-friendly status, while decisions are still made throughout the game they lack the regular maturity that Telltale is often renowned for.</p><p>Keep an eye out until the 26th. We'll let you know when it drops, but until then check out more information on their website here.</p>....