Stranger Cases: A Mystery EscapeMOD (Unlimited Medallions) v6.13.2

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Game introduction

"Probably she's some visitor in Four Winds--likely some one from that big summer hotel over the harbor."Hail to the Captain! Sail in the core of the Caribbean in the Age of Piracy – skulls and at the period of stripes that are black, blue crystals, and gold chances.Hoist the Jolly Roger and catch the steering wheel to sail conflicts and raids, ransoms, and temples, to eventually become the Antilles’, Crimson King!

Game features:


2、�Dynamix(Unlimited Coins)

3、And new pervert a reconciled maid.'&#;

4、'"Now all these hearts that do on mine depend,Nekra Psaria Mod Nekra Psaria v1.0.2 mod Features:Free buy full versionEnter the unique world of Nekra Psaria. But be careful, this weird puzzler might make you go insane! Your generator is dead, so no electricity, so NO TV FOR YOU! Luckily, you might be find objects lying around to get you out of this jam. And this also might give you nightmares. Escape an underground cell, only to find yourself in a spooky forest... and it just gets stranger from there.Unique art style, creepy atmosphere, addicting story, interesting weird puzzles awaits you!

Game play:

1、�My woeful self, that did in freedom stand,




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