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Swing Safari Mod Swing Safari Mod APK 3.1 Features:Enter the game presented a lot of moneySwing SafariThank God you finally find us! This relaxing and cheerful action have gone so for to eventually meet you here! Bounce! Hook! Swing! Don't miss it if you are already here! Follow those hilarious characters along to hop on this joyful swing safari.*A bunch of funny dudes availale for you as character skins.*Relaxing game experience is all we aim for.*Refreshing art style will release your stress right away!*Players claimed they simultaneously learned how to play because this game is so easy to understand!*Don't you curious about how many levels we made for you?*Unique [Schwing] system makes your swing never too loose!【How to play】Tap and hold to hook, release to let go.When you hold, swipe left and right to [Schwing], to help you character to swing faster.Swing and bounce to overcome everything that blocks your way. Go explore this place we made for you..

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