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3、&#;<p>Astrogon is a striking looking arcade game that's available now for iOS and Android. It takes place in a synth-wave universe with a pretty, neon-coloured graphical style and possesses gameplay that promises to be easy to learn but hard to master.</p><p>In Astrogon you will play as a bouncy cube that will have to jump from wall to wall throughout each level until you reach the exit and get teleported off to the next stage. The catch is, the cube can only touch areas that match its current colour. For example, if it's red you won't be able to touch a blue platform and vice versa.</p>

4、The Quack Frog&#;

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3、<p>Raw Fury's minimalist RTS is available now for iOS and Android. The newly ported version of the game comes also with the Jotunn content straight out of the gate.</p><p>If you've never played Raw Fury's excellent Viking tactics game, now might be a good time to jump in. So long as the mobile port turns out to be solid you'll be able to get the game for a third of the price of the Switch version.</p><p>In Bad North, you're tasked with defending various islands from Viking Invaders. You'll delegate responsibilities to your commanding officers and they'll carry out your orders to the best of their ability. You'll have to consider the shape and elevation of each island when planning your strategy.</p>�


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