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<p>Helix is a dangerously simple retro arcade game from 868-Hack creator Michael Brough. It’s jaggedly retro, painfully addictive, and out on the App Store right now.</p><p>You control everything with a single finger, twirling it anywhere on the screen to move your strange craft around. Rather than shooting enemies, you destroy them by encircling them.</p><p>Each weird creature you encounter has a ring around them. Fill that ring by flying around the critter and it’ll explode. Easy enough when there’s one thing on the screen, but a lot tougher when there’s three or four.</p><p>Then you get enemies you need to fly around in a specific direction, and others that have multiple health bars and need to be flown around more than once.</p><p>And then you die. And then you start again because you’re pretty sure you can do much better than that.</p><p>The game is available right this second for the reasonable price of £1.99 / $2.99. We should have a review up in the not-too-distant future as well. Spoilers - I like it a lot.</p>.

GAME NAME Dead Age(One Hit Kill)

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com.sigmateam.Dead Age(One Hit Kill).free

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